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2023 Camps are FULL
If you are interested in joining us in 2024, please complete the form below!

What is the ADK Family Camp?

Our camp is a place that families with children on the Autism Spectrum can go to relax and spend quality time together in the beautiful and peaceful setting of the Adirondack wilderness. Many families that have children that exhibit behavioral challenges have very limited options when vacationing. We provide an understanding and accommodating environment so that families can feel comfortable and supported with other families experiencing similar challenges. Our program targets families with school aged children, but we can accommodate preschoolers and young adults as well.

2023 Dates:

Session 1: June 25-28 (Sun-Wed)

Session 2: August 14-17 (Mon-Thurs) **LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE**

Pricing for 2023: 

Rates for all family members includes: lodging, meals and snacks, and all activities.

Rates for participants with behavioral and communication needs also includes: around the clock behavioral support, a behavioral support binder with tools, communication tools such as social stories and visual schedules. Respite opportunities for families are also available when needed. Supports are provided by certified professionals in occupational therapy, speech therapy, special education, school psychology and music therapy.

Individuals with ASD or other disabilities: 
Ages 9-adult - $725.00
Ages 8 & under - $640.00
Family members: 
Ages 9-adult - $220.00
Ages 4-8 - $120.00
Ages 3 and under - $60.00

Scholarship Opportunities

Thanks to the generosity of the Scott Spino Foundation, we are able to offer a $600 scholarship for one child a year in memory of Gene Koons.  Children should be between the ages of 3-8 years old, must have an ASD diagnosis, and would be financially unable to afford camp without help.  If you are interested and qualify for this scholarship, please email to inquire about availability.

“He was one a one of a kind person”

“A wonderful person who gave 100% of himself to everyone”

“Such a special person .. he would do anything for anyone”

“Gene was a great guy – had a great sense of humor”

“He had a great smile .. contagious”

“He was a bright start”

“He was the mayor”

“He was generous with hugs”

“Loved to laugh and had a huge heart”


Where is camp located?
We hold camp at Beaver Camp in Lowville, NY (about 3.5hrs from Rochester).  

What is included?
Lodging for your family, all food & recreational activities.  

What are the lodgings like? 
There are two types of lodging available.  For families of 4 or less, we have "Motel Rooms" available.  These rooms have a queen bed and a set of twin bunk beds.  For families of 5+, we have Cabins.  Cabins have bunk beds and sleep up to 10.  All rooms (motel & cabins) have a private bathroom & electricity.  For more information, please visit the Beaver Camp website.

Is there cell service?
Cellular service is spotty and there is no wifi available.  If there is an urgent need, the office does have phone service.

We have a special diet and need to refrigerate food.  Is there a private refrigerator/freezer we can use?
Yes.  We have a private kitchen space where we can store properly labeled foods.  

Ready to Join Us?

ADK Family Camp 2024 *

Camp Activities

Activities can be done individually, in a group or with a guide. Our goal is to offer a unique experience for each person in your family. We will work with your family to create a set of activities that suits your needs and desires. There is a basic daily schedule that we follow while also allowing families flexibility.

  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Kayaking and Canoeing
  • Sailing
  • Rock wall
  • Evening campfires
  • Basketball court
  • Outdoor floor hockey
  • Family games
  • Sensory activities
  • Sibling activities
  • Fishing


Cabins are basic but comfortable. We have the ability to accommodate families of all sizes. All sleeping quarters are private and most are equipped with a full private bath. Most accommodations require families to bring linens such as sleeping bags, pillows and towels.


We work closely with families to get to know their children and their particular interests and needs.  We support the transition from home to camp using a number of tools.  Our staff is skilled in the creation  and use of social scripts, visual schedules, and token boards and will tailor them to specific campers and families. The goal is to decrease the stress of the new camp environment by working together with families.

Multi-sensory activities are also available each day and a sensory area is open all day. We provide programming for the whole family, allowing everyone to have an enjoyable experience!

We aim to accommodate a variety of dietary needs and are sensitive to food allergies in our preparation and meal options.